We Support DeafBlind Community to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

It generally takes 3x the amount of $$ to provide support to each DeafBlind individual. That’s why partners and volunteers are so critical  in making this mission a success!


— We Build Networks

DeafBlind individuals are often severely isolated. DBRAZ offers them an opportunity to come out of their shells and find their true potential in this world.


— We Empower

DBRAZ aims to empower each DeafBlind individual to make their autonomous decisions along with strengthening their confidence and skills.


— We Educate

Trainings and spreading Awareness are some of the best way to educate and nourish the minds out there.


— We Provide Care

DBRAZ fosters a loving and kind environment where each DeafBlind individual are not judged, but loved!


— We Consult

DBRAZ is always available 24/7 for any inquiries whether it is related to the retreat or the DeafBlind community in general.

What We Care For!

The image shows a sky with white clouds that show hues of blue, purple, pink, and orange. The landscape is a desert with one saguaro that has twelve arms surrounded by other desert bushes that are light green. The ground has tan rocks and dirt.
Bringing Dreams within Reach

Be sure to make your visit with DBRAZ in “The Grand Canyon State” and your dreamscapes will forever after be infused with Arizona’s natural wonders.

The background shows an orange wall, gray carpet, and two black covered tables with gray plastic chairs around them, paper towels, plastic pitchers with green thick liquid, green molds in the shape of cacti, and various utensils to scoop out the soap molds in the shape of cacti. In the photograph, it has a close shot of Winfdield "Winnie" Sainpreux. He has short black hair, black framed glasses, a black t-shirt, and gray athletic shorts with a smile showing teeth. Winnie has one green cactus shaped soap mold in in right hand. The others he made are on the table in the cacti shaped molds.
Infectious Smiles

Did you know that the simple act of smiling can boost your mood and even your immune system! Even others!

The background shows gray carpet with an above photograph showing both DeafBlind and Volunteers wearing various styles and colors of clothes sitting in a circle. The individuals include Marshall Paul, Mary Rita Barrett, Bethany "Beth" Stratton, Brenda Lee, Windfield "Winnie" Sainpreux, Dawn Schoenberger, and Ruth Caitlin. The individuals in the photograph each have a drum mallet in their hand, either right or left, banging on a large drum in the center of them.
Serendipitously Bliss

Serendipity is defined as “making happy, unexpected discoveries completely by accident.” It happens all the time at DBRAZ!

The image has a dark purple paneled background with a brown women standing in front of it. She is seen from her left side from her head to her chest. She has black and caramel colored hair that is straight at the length of her chest. She is wearing a portion of her hair twisted back with a lavender colored t-shirt. She has her eyes looking towards the ground with a smile that shows teeth.
Journeys of Possibilities

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

The background shows gray carpet with a gray square table surrounded by a group of DeafBlind and Volunteers. The individuals are all wearing different colored and styles of clothing. The DeafBlind remain DeafBlind, but the individuals who have sight are all covering their eyes with a black mask. The group is playing JENGA with large wooden pieces. The group is all using ProTactile American Sign Language (PTASL) to play JENGA together.
Breaking New Ground

Every year always brings a new and exciting opportunity for the DeafBlind community to experience!

The background shows an orange wall on the left and white wall on the right. The photographs shows a close shot of Caryn Tenin, left, and Bethany "Beth" Stratton, on the right, sitting at a table with various drum making products. Caryn has short gray hair, is wearing a tan bucket hat with black sunglasses over top, has a closed mouth smile, and a teal t-shirt. Beth has her dirty blond hair pulled in a ponytail with bangs, black framed glasses, a closed mouth smile, and is wearing a red t-shirt. Caryn has her left hand over Beth's right hand while Beth is signing.
Providing Support

DBRAZ strives to infuse compassion and kindness in and out everywhere. We are truly a family.