Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to the DeafBlind Community

Our Approach

Our Story

Mark Mellenger, Kelly Brittingham, Laura Ellington-Pierre, and Richard Vanover had a shared lifelong vision which was to create a barrier-free and inclusive world for the DeafBlind community across the state, nation, and the world. With the recruitment of Brenda Barrett-Rodriguez and Andrew Cohen, the dream became a reality in 2020.

Thanks to the generous partnerships of various organizations and local community, DeafBlind Retreat of Arizona (DBRAZ) held its very first retreat on a 25 pristine acres property owned by Franciscan Renewal Center.


— Our Mission

Serve, Empower, Promote, and Unify the DeafBlind population through equal opportunities to live full and productive lives, including full access to employment, technology, education, and socialization to reduce isolation.


— Our Vision

To create a world where DeafBlind individuals explore their environment, make empowered autonomous decisions, and have access to the world around them.


— Our Purpose

To unify the DeafBlind population and empower them with the necessary tools to live a productive life, become leaders, and mitigate the visual and auditory barriers that they encounter in their daily lives.