2021 was a fantastic success. More to come for 2022 soon!

On November 1st, we will be hosting our first online auction to help fundraise for future DeafBlind Retreat of Arizona! Bidding will take place on Facebook in 3 different groups; Jewelry, Home Decor, and Home Goods.


Below are some items that will appear on Facebook for bidding!

Paintings by Tom Posedly

Teach Me How to Fish Metal Sign

Image Description: [The background shows a white tablecloth with a metal sign on it. The metal sign is in a rectangle shape with a cream background, dark brown trees way in the back with a shadow appearance, a yellow sun that is setting for evening, and blue water with small waves. The white male on the metal sign is seen from the top of his head to his waist standing in the water. The man has on a brown fedora hat with a light green band around it, a light green button down collar long sleeve shirt with his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and holding a brown fishing pole with a metal reel in his left hand over his shoulders while pointing his right index finger in the air. The sign has brown words that say “TEACH A MAN TO FISH…” at the top left corner, and then at the bottom left to right corners in cream the words “...and he’ll play with his fly all day!”]

You Melt My Heart

Opal Heart

The Lord is my Shepard

The Resurrection

You Make My Heart Pitter Patter

Wall or Glass Cross

Live Every Moment

Matryoshka Wood Dolls

Roses are Red

Feather Lotus